Two Unconventional Ways To Get Your Crush To Fall In Love With You

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Is there someone you've had your eye on for a while? You just know the two of you would be perfect together, but they don't quite realize it yet. While talking to the person, getting to know them, and being your most charming self may help them come around to the idea of you as a mate, there are also a few less conventional approaches you can consider:

Psychic Love Spells

If you are a believer in the power of psychics, you should consider visiting one and asking them to perform a love spell over you and your crush. (No, they do not have to come with you. This is something you do in their absence.) Look for a psychic who specializes in love spells as they are most likely to get you the results you desire. If possible, hire someone you can meet with in person rather than just chat with online or over the phone. Meeting you in person will often make their clairvoyance stronger, enabling them to cast a more powerful spell over you and your crush. Pay attention to the psychic's instructions before your meeting. They may ask you to bring along a picture of your crush or something that belongs to them to enhance the love spell.

Keep in mind that love spells don't always work immediately. Falling in love is a slow process, and psychic spells don't necessarily speed it up -- though they do jump-start it. Keep spending time around your crush, and you'll soon find that they are falling for you.

Love Potions

Another strategy is to brew a love potion and get your crush to drink it. Love potions have been around for centuries, and there are many different versions. Some you can purchase pre-made, and others are formulas that are activated when you prepare them while whispering your crush's name. 

You can make a simple love potion yourself by adding the following ingredients to a small pot of simmering water:

Stir the mixture while whispering your crush's name. After five minutes, blow a kiss into the pan, and then strain out the solids. Now comes the hard part -- getting your crush to drink the potion. It's perfectly safe and even tastes lovely, so you may want to present it to them as a mug of tea. Sip some yourself, too. It's more effective when you drink it together.

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