3 Types Of Books To Add To Your Christian Resource Library

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Religion can offer comfort in times of trial. Many Christians choose to study their religion often to help them learn new tenets and find inspiration. A comprehensive Christian resource library allows you to conduct your own research anytime you feel the need to delve into religious texts.

It can be challenging to build a comprehensive library of your own, but start with these three types of books, and add to them over time. You will have a solid library before you know it.

1. Systematic Theology Book

Theology is important in the study of religion. A systematic theology book will give you the opportunity to dive into your religious studies in a more targeted and organized way. Your theology book should include a subject-by-subject overview of important religious topics, scriptures, and principles found in the Bible.

The theology book can serve as a starting point for your studies, as many theology texts reference other books you can turn to for more in-depth information on your chosen topic of study.

2. Church History Book

If you belong to a congregation, it can be beneficial to study how your church evolved. A book providing an overview of your church's unique history is a must-have for any resource library. You can consult the history book to learn about the early trials and tribulations of your fellow Christians.

A church history book can also give you a greater appreciation for the religion that you incorporate into your life each day.

3.  Study Bible

The Bible is a foundation religious text for most Christian religions. This means that you will likely spend a lot of time studying the Bible if you want to become more knowledgeable in regard to your own religion. A traditional Bible can be helpful, but a study Bible is the best option for those looking to achieve a greater level of understanding.

A study Bible contains notes and in-depth analysis of important verses within the Bible. You can use the notes and analysis to learn more about the meaning of your favorite verses so that you can implement the tenets outlined in these verses into your day-to-day life.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the challenges of building a Christian resource library. Start your collection with a few books that will help you start to achieve a deeper understanding of your religion, and add to your library over time as you come across religious books that spark your interest. 

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