3 Key Steps To Seeking Comfort In God

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If you are feeling discouraged and anxious, you are not alone. Between the Covid-19 pandemic and other everyday uncertainties in the world, it is common to desire comfort and relief from your pain and suffering. Learning to seek God is more important than ever and can help you develop a lifelong habit that will help you in your time of need.

1. Understand pain and suffering

The Bible reveals that God never promised you would live free from pain and suffering. In fact, the Bible states all people will have trouble in this world. However, God's word does promise that He is near to those who are broken-hearted (Psalm 147: 3).

Knowing God is by your side and understands what you are experiencing can help ease your mind and know you are never alone in your suffering. Crying out to God in your time of need can help you release pent up stress and find comfort.

2. Follow the example Jesus set

Jesus, God's own son, was no stranger to suffering (Luke 9: 22). He experienced many of the same things people experience today. Jesus prayed to God when he was in distress and trusted God to provide for his needs.

Jesus also accepted God's will for his life, although it was not easy. Following the example of Jesus, and how he sought God in his greatest time of need, can be a great help for those in need of comfort. Accepting suffering as a part of life can give you comfort knowing nothing happens apart from God's will.

3. Read your Bible regularly

Reading the Bible on a regular basis will help you learn about suffering and how others experienced hardships throughout history. The Bible is also filled with promises about comfort and God's peace. Mark scriptures in your Bible for easy reference and you will have a constant resource to turn to when you need reassurance.

You may also wish to join a Bible study online or at a local church to learn more about God's response to suffering and how He comforts His people. Being part of a group will give you a chance to ask questions from other believers. Other believers can also lead you to verses of scripture and provide a listening ear when you need to discuss concerns.

The Bible and scripture are filled with God's promises for worried, fearful, and hurting people. God desires to comfort you and help you find the peace you are desperate for. Trusting Him and seeking Him is the key to learning how to cope when uncertainties arise. 

If you are struggling, consider other ways you can seek comfort in God.