4 Things Christians Should Keep in Mind About Suffering in the World

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Everyone knows that suffering is a part of life. Christians may struggle with the existence of suffering, wondering why God allows it to happen. Christianity offers a view on suffering in the world that is based on Biblical truths. Coping with times of suffering can be hard, but holding on to Christian truths can help you get through it. Here are four key things you should keep in mind when you're experiencing challenges and trials:

1. God does not delight in human suffering.

Suffering sometimes occurs, but it's important to remember that God doesn't delight in the suffering of mankind. Rather, suffering is a byproduct of sin in the world, a deviation from God's perfect plan. Christianity teaches its adherents that God loves all of His children. God feels compassion for people who suffer. Remembering God's love can make it easier to bear difficult times.

2. God sent Jesus Christ to put an end to suffering.

Sin came into existence when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Because God loved humanity so much, He sent His Son, Jesus, to Earth to redeem mankind. Jesus' death created a way for people to be saved, but it did not put an end to suffering. However, Christians can take heart because Jesus plans to return. When Jesus comes again, He will defeat sin and the devil to put an end to suffering once and for all.

3. God never gives people more than they can handle.

Sometimes, you may feel like your circumstances are more than you can bear. You may feel overwhelmed, but Christians can take heart in the reminder that God never gives people more than they can handle. If there are trials in your life, you should remember that God believes you can overcome them. As you deal with illness, grief, or loss, you should meditate on the fact that God is in control. Remembering this can give you strength for the days to come.

4. God helps people in times of trouble and suffering if they ask.

Finally, you should remember that you're never alone. Christians aren't meant to face their suffering on their own. God promises to always be with His people, and He will help you if you ask. God may change your material circumstances or not. No matter what, He will provide the strength and comfort that you need in order to endure.

To learn more about Christian beliefs on suffering in the world, contact local Christian leaders or missionaries.