4 Events To Participate In At Church

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The Christian life isn't predicated on membership to a church, but going to church can greatly enrich your faith. Participating in a faith community can give you strength during hard times. It can also help you make great friends who can help you celebrate your triumphs and good fortune. Non-denominational Christian churches allow believers to gather to celebrate life's milestones and participate in the rituals that are central to the faith. Here are four events you can participate in at church:

1. Baptisms

Baptisms are an important way for Christians to make an outward commitment to Christ. When people get baptized, they're making a decision to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. Baptisms are special events that should be celebrated by a person's church family. Christian pastors can perform baptisms for believers who are ready to make that commitment. If you'd like to be baptized, you should speak to the pastor of your Christian church.

2. Communion

Communion is one of the great mysteries of the Christian faith. When Christians take communion, they are honoring Jesus' instructions to His disciples when He told them to partake of the bread and wine at the Last Supper in memory of Him. Taking communion allows Christians to take the time to pause and reflect on Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. Christian pastors offer communion on the schedule they deem right for their congregation. Communion is often performed once a month, but some churches take communion on a weekly basis instead. When you attend a non-denominational church, you'll be able to take communion with other parishioners.

3. Worship

Christian churches allow Christians to worship God together through music. Singing songs about the greatness of God can help Christians remember to be grateful to him. Worship services can also be a lot of fun. You can sing, dance, and lift your hands to give praise to God in the fellowship of fellow Christians.

4. Baby Dedications

Most non-denominational Christian churches choose not to practice infant baptisms, instead preferring to let believers get baptized when they're old enough to make the decision on their own. However, babies can still be dedicated to the Lord in a beautiful ceremony that includes the entire church congregation. During a baby dedication, parents hold their child in their arms. The pastor will then pray over the baby and their family, dedicating the child's life to Christ in front of everyone gathered as witnesses.