Feeling Overwhelmed? Two Key Spiritual Disciplines Can Help You Find Comfort In Christ

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When the cares of life cause anxiety or fear to set in, it can feel overwhelming, even when you are a Christian and know Christ is always with you. These times can be even more stressful for those who naturally have a tendency towards worrying. Fortunately, following a few key spiritual disciplines can help you find comfort in Christ and learn ways to effectively manage your stress and anxiety.

Prayer to start your day

Many people begin their day by reaching for their cell phones to check messages, etc. This leads to people spending the first hour of their morning focused on the cares of the world. Learning to sit quietly and pray at the start of each day is one of the most important spiritual disciplines for helping you to find comfort in Christ.

Determining to set aside a specific amount of time at the start of each day simply to talk to Christ and ask him to guide you as you go about your day will help you keep your focus on spiritual things. It does not have to be a long period of time. Even five minutes of prayer at the start of the day will focus your mind on your faith and help you face any challenges that lie ahead.

Reading and memorizing scripture

The Bible serves as a road map for believers. Within the scriptures, you can find verses to help you find comfort in Christ. For instance, the book of Psalms is filled with many comforting scriptures to help you rest in Christ. Psalm 23 describes how the Lord shepherds his people and how his rod and staff comfort those in times of distress.

Reading a few verses of scripture a day and committing those verses to memory will help you learn and remember Christ's promises when you need them. Whether you read the scriptures or listen to an audio version of the Bible while you are driving to work, developing a daily habit of spending time in the Bible will keep your mind centered on things of Christ and not on your own problems.

Learning to find comfort in Christ will not only help you when you find yourself worrying or anxious, but it will also equip you to help others when they are undergoing times of difficulty in life. Making a few spiritual disciplines a consistent daily habit in your life is the key to being prepared to manage uncertainties, fear, and anxiety without feeling overwhelmed.